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Monday, November 7, 2011

Why choose vinyl over concrete?

The argument of why you should choose a vinyl pool over a concrete pool has always been the hurtle for us as a 53 year old vinyl pool company. It seems to me that most people trust what they know, and not many people know vinyl. I am going to take the "pool" segment out of the equation for a moment and show you some relatable differences between vinyl and concrete that should open every one's eyes to what we try to achieve in our sales presentations.

Example A)

This is what vinyl does when you jump on it
This is what concrete does when you jump on it

Example B)

This is what sliding on concrete does to you
This is what sliding on vinyl does to you

Example C)

This is a product of concrete
This is a product of vinyl

Example D)

Concrete boots? fuh-get-aboutit
Vinyl boots

Any questions?

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Bob Cannon
Operations Manager
Secard Pools & Spas

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  1. We are installing an Gunite Poolin the very near future. Our first decision is to go with a fiberglass pool or a Gunite Pool? Advice from all you pool owners would be greatly appreciated. If you have had both types, please indicate in your reply.